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    Hi, I am Dan Ratner, the Founder of Cell-nique. This is my story of persistence, hard work, burn-out, and finding my own answers through conscious choices on the road to living a meaningful balanced life. My wife Donna and I have been committed to creating an organic and holistic home since 1987. She has nurtured and cared for their family of five with homemade meals, alternative medicine and self awareness. Although this is what I woke up to every morning and came home to late at night… by day I was living the life of a stressed-out healthcare banker striving for a better life at all costs. One day I was about to make a presentation to an executive committee at GE Capital, which I had done many times before. As I got up to speak, I lost my words, the facts and figures that had been so clear to me just hours before were gone! At that moment, I realized I needed help. My physical health was suffering as well. I was starting to gain weight for the first time in my life, I was constipated and very tired. I could not seem to get caught up or rebalanced. That was the day I made the promise to myself to improve my diet and rebalance my life. After several years of soul searching and researching, I came across a magazine article about how drinking Super Greens can help improve brain function, energy levels and many of other health benefits. Then I read Reverse Aging by Sang Whang and Alkalinize or Die by Theodore Baroody. Both books educated me on the importance of how Super Greens alkalinize the system and help to offset the affects of the Standard American (acid-forming) Diet (SAD). I became very passionate about super greens and I tried every different kind of green powder I could find. I researched all the ingredients to understand why they worked. My family encouraged me to come up with a drink that tasted good and was easy and convenient – for everyone from ages 1 to 101. It took me a month, working with a team of physicians and nutritionists, to come up with the basic formula for Cell-nique. It took me over a year and 3 different formulas to make it taste good while still keeping it organic and 100% natural. Donna would always say when their children are drinking it every day, then you will know you have a winner. At 16, 14 and 11, their children are drinking Cell-nique each and every morning and their friends like it too!