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The Origins of Cafe Altura date back to the late 1970s when a group of organic enthusiasts gathered in Ojai, California to live and work on a 75-acre citrus farm. Their idea was to farm the ranch organically and develop related businesses that would help create markets for organic and Biodynamically grown food products. One afternoon, a group of visitors told us a magical story of this wonderful coffee farm in Mexico that had been growing coffee using organic and Biodynamic techniques for 20 years. Quick plans were made to visit the Finca Irlanda farm in Chiapas, Mexico. They began a trading relationship with the Peters family of the Finca Irlanda that continues to this day. The Finca Irlanda has served as a model organic coffee farm, with the training of visiting students and regional growers in the art of farming sustainably in a tropical environment. Their beginnings at Cafe Altura were modest and humble, with very little money, no credit, too many people and way too many pets. They introduced organically grown coffee into an industry that still considered coffee a sin. They slowly found their way to consumers who enjoyed good coffee and wanted to support family farms who were willing to invest in the future of the environment. Their travels brought new and exciting coffees to the Cafe Altura family. They now offer organic coffee from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hawaii, Mexico, Sumatra, and Colombia. All of their decaffeinated coffees are processed at the certified Swiss Water Process plant in Vancouver, British Columbia. This patented process extracts 97% of the caffeine using only water and steam. What is Swiss Water Processing Cafe Altura Coffees are roasted at their facility in Santa Paula, California, a small farming community 25 miles south of Santa Barbara. They use a 25 kilo Probat roaster so they can roast in small batches to ensure freshness and quality control. Plant tours are always available for those willing to brave the earthquakes, floods, and fires of Southern California.