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Barbaras Bakery Organic Snackimals Cookies

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Barbaras Cereal

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Cheese Puffs

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Shredded and Multigrain Cereals

Shredded and Multigrain Cereals

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In 1971, 17-year-old Barbara opened a small organic bakery in northern California with a commitment to make the best-tasting natural baked goods possible. The bakery grew from a storefront start-up to a thriving wholesale business. Today, they carry on Barbaras commitment to create the best-tasting organic and natural products free and clear of artificial preservatives, artificial ingredients, hydrogenated oils, or refined white sugar. They care about making the right food choices as much as you do. Since those first loaves 36 years ago, their product offerings have grown to cereals (including the best-selling Puffins® brand), snack bars, cookies, crackers, and cheese puffs. Its their company philosophy to invest in healthy actions across the board, from the wholesome products they create, to their commitment to environmental and sustainable programs, from the types of recyclable packaging they use to their strict ingredient standards. Each of us at Barbaras Bakery has a role in the life of their products and the personification of their company philosophy. They are focused on delivering delicious organic and natural cereals and snacks that appeal to consumers who demand great tasting food in their healthy lifestyle.