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Frozen Bagels

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Frozen Organic Breads

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Organic Burger Buns

Organic Burger Buns

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Organic Sprouted Breads

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Wheat and Flour Tortillas

Wheat and Flour Tortillas

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They started producing whole grain organic baked goods for their local community in 1979. Their roots can be traced back to the Food for People not for Profit movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. They were originally part of a non-profit organization called Red Clover Workers Brigade. The brigade consisted of their selves, a retail store (Santa Rosa Community Market), a trucking company, and a wholesale warehouse. In 1981 five brigade workers decided to form a worker cooperative. They purchased the bakery and formed Semper Virens Bakery Food Cooperative. Semper Virens in Latin means ever green and is the botanical name for one of their areas largest treasures, their ancient redwood forests. They decided to call the name under which they do business Alvarado Street due to a serendipitous placement of a road sign stowed away in the bakery when they were choosing a name. In the years that have passed they have continued to grow and reach out to customers that now span the globe. Currently they employ over 100 people and produce and distribute over 30 organic baked goods. The dedication of workers past and present to make the highest quality organic baked goods anywhere continues to be the force behind what they stand for. Simply put They are changing the way the world eats -- one slice at a time.