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Frozen and Refrigerated Calzones

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From $36.85 per case

Frozen Gourmet Sandwiches

Frozen Gourmet Sandwiches

From $32.65 per case

Frozen Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

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From $17.45 per case

Lettieris Frozen Baguettes

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From $37.35 per case

Lettieris Frozen Breakfast Sandwiches

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From $21.35 per case

Stuffed Frozen Breadsticks

3 Lettieris item(s) within Stuffed Frozen Breadsticks

From $32.45 per case

Lettieris was founded in 1994 in Hopkins, Minnesota. Over the course of eleven years, they have amassed a team of industry leaders from all facets of food manufacturing – including chefs, nutritional specialists, inspectors, management and marketing experts. It prides itself in being an entrepreneurial-spirited company that focuses on the development of unique and innovative hand-held products for the food service industry. Products range from a variety of breakfast sandwiches, stuffed baguettes and authentic calzones, gourmet sandwiches including a hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken filet sandwich, a BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and several sausage products enrobed in bread called Wrap-Dogs!™. The list continues to grow as new products are added in response to changes in the consumer palate. Ciabatta Squares Breakfast Sandwiches and QuickStix™ Stuffed Breadsticks are testament to the changes in the industry and consumer taste profiles. With their niche being convenience, all the food items can be applied to their customers foodservice capabilities such as convection oven baking, roller-grills, warmers and microwaves ovens. Lettieris customers include a wide variety of businesses including most petroleum companies, several vending companies, and other foodservice outlets. Lettieris products are currently represented in more than 40,000 convenience stores throughout the United States! In November 2004, Lettieris opened a state-of-the art production and R and D facility in Shakopee, MN. The new plant is a nearly 60,000 sq. ft. facility, specially equipped with an innovative research and development kitchen - the beating heart of Lettieris - one that brings innovative and high-quality food products to market. Teaming Up for Great Taste. Lettieris has welcomed a new member to its family of great taste. Recently acquired by Hot Stuff Foods®, Lettieris will now provide more fast food brands within the convenience store industry than ever. Lettieris operates as a 100% USDA facility with an on-sight inspection staff surveying all facets of production. All products are scrutinized under stiff and defined guide lines to ensure product integrity and overall quality. The credo at Lettieris has always been big enough to produce, yet small enough to listen and react to customers needs.