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Dominex Frozen Eggplant Cutlets

6 Dominex item(s) within Dominex Frozen Eggplant Cutlets

From $37.25 per case

Frozen Carrots

Frozen Carrots

From $32.65 per case

Frozen Eggplant Fry

3 Dominex item(s) within Frozen Eggplant Fry

From $29.55 per case

Frozen Vegetable Appetizer

Frozen Vegetable Appetizer

From $32.25 per case

All Dominex products are available to the foodservice trade in bulk packaging but with the same quality and freshness as found in their retail products. Their products are used in kitchens nationwide as: Ingredients, Appetizers, Main Courses and Side Dishes. Chefs and consumers alike recognize the quality that their fresh eggplant brings. Want to taste for yourself?