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    Mrs. Leepers organic wheat free gluten free pasta offers full flavor as well as perfect texture. Available in 13 varieties of shapes and flavors, this pasta cooks up beautifully! Unlike many rice and corn based pastas, this will not gum up or turn mushy. In addition to their traditional packaged pasta, Mrs. Leepers offers 5 boxed dinner kits. Although designed to be enjoyed by all, Mrs. Leepers is especially useful to members of a large sector of their population diagnosed with Celiac disease. A celiac is a person with intolerance to wheat products. Ingesting gliadin, a portion of wheat gluten or similar proteins activates the Celiac disease. This results in damage to the villi lining the part of the small intestine where most of the nutrients in their food is absorbed. Celiac disease is often overlooked or misdiagnosed because of the diverse and confusing ways it manifests itself. Dietary control has been found to be the most successful way of managing this disease. Diet modification, with the assistance of high quality manufacturing and labeling, can enable a celiac to enjoy a variety of products without health risk. Mrs. Leepers has made the commitment to help enrich the lives of celiac and help them lead full problem-free lives.