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    Innovation and quality have always been the cornerstone of Duerrs philosophy. Duerrs pioneered vacuum sealing in 1905, while many competitors were still using cardboard caps and paper tissue well into the 1950s! The company managed to survive two world wars and the depression, and continued to grow from strength to strength. In 1989, the company diversified from their mainstream jam and marmalade production by entering into the peanut butter market. A new purpose built peanut butter production line was installed, and Duerrs started to supply the major multiples with crunchy and smooth varieties under their own label and the Duerrs brand. Duerrs also commenced manufacturing Whole Earth peanut butter, which has grown in volume to become the second most popular brand on the UK market. In 1991 Duerrs were the first company to use tamper evident button caps and shrink sleeving on their range of products. In 1996 the company invested in a new warehouse and second production site in Wythenshawe to cope with the ever increasing demands for storage and production. The 70,000 sq ft site houses all raw materials, together with finished products. In 1997, Duerrs completed the installation of a specialist production line at this site in order to satisfy demand for a new range of jams in which more whole fruit pieces were retained in the finished product. Duerrs market share has steadily increased over the years as the companys reputation for quality products has grown from strength to strength. Today, Duerrs products can be found all over the world, as the company exports to over 30 different countries. Duerrs remains very much a family business, and a member of the Duerr family has sat at the helm of the company since its inception. This has ensured that the traditions so lovingly begun by Mary are adhered to today, with the emphasis on quality ingredients, innovation and manufacturing excellence.