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    Frozen Tilapia Fillets

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    Frozen Tilapias

    Frozen Tilapias

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    Regal Springs Tilapia is the worlds largest producer and importer of Tilapia fillets to the United States. They started as a small venture in the early 1990s amidst ancient spring waters in Central Java, Indonesia, and grew to be the industry leader and innovator, with 5000 employees, and production sites across Northwest Honduras, Indonesia and Mexico. From their fresh spring waters to your kitchen, they control all aspects of the aquaculture and distribution process (complete vertical integration). Every production step can be traced back to Regal, where quality and safety is their number one priority. Regal Springs is committed to providing their customers with consistent quality, price and supply. Their fillets are wholesome, nutritious and 100% natural and free of additives, preservatives, growth hormones and antibiotics. They are HACCP certified and do not use carbon monoxide (or tasteless smoke) on their fillets to preserve the appearance. Their customers always enjoy Regals PURE, WHITE TILAPIA from the clear waters of nature. Sustainability is their religion and their strategy for a better earth. All their operations are in protected reserved areas where they are committed to preserving the natural habitat. When they establish an aquafarm, they involve the community and become a part of it.