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Roasted Red Peppers

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Vlasic Pickles

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How Vlasic became Americas favorite pickle is truly an American success story. It is the story of how a Polish immigrant family, a great idea, a big taste, and a funny stork won their way into the hearts and stomachs of generations of hungry consumers. Frank Vlasic moved to America in 1912 to build a better life for his family. Problem was, he made cheese and not pickles so the success part of the story took awhile. After saving every dime for his $2 a day car foundry job, Frank established a creamery business in Detroit. He eventually turned it over to his son, Joe. Fortunately for their story about pickles, Joe expanded the family milk and cheese business into selling Polish pickles spiced with garlic and dill. During World War II, however, his supply of pickles dried up, so Joe started testing a whole new idea: selling Polish pickles in glass jars. Smart move. Joe could not keep up with demand and the Vlasic Pickle brand was born! Joes son, Bob, joined the company after the war ended and became general manager of the entire Vlasic operation-which still included the creamery. Its first plant was built in Imaly City, Michigan. Together, over the next 20 years, Joe and Bob grew Vlasic into Americas number one pickle. Not bad for cheese makers. They also played an important role in shaping American eating habits with their glass-packed pickles. In 1933, per capita pickle consumption was 2.09 pounds. By 1974, consumption grew to 8 pounds! Joe and Bob became so successful at pickles that they finally dropped the milk and cheese entirely. Vlasic Pickles became as American as apple pie. Today, Vlasic is owned by Pinnacle Foods, which is committed to the principles of quality, taste, trust, and innovation established by the Vlasic family. Todays brand includes dozens of varieties of pickles, peppers, and relish in many cuts, flavors and sizes. Innovative new products like Homestyle Squeeze relish-continues the Vlasic tradition of bold experimentation. And Snack mms offers todays on the go consumers an easy way to include Vlasic Pickles in their snack on the run lifestyles. You may already have your favorite Vlasic pickle. But even if you do, they will make sure there is always a new Vlasic to try, or a new way to try it. After all, says the Stork, you have got 10,000 cute little taste buds so they may as well have 10,000 ways to keep them happy!