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    Sunkist citrus is grown on more than 300,000 acres of rich, fertile soil in the ideal citrus-producing climates of California and Arizona. Warm, sunny days, mild breezes and cool nights work to create fruit that is as pleasing to the eye as it is to the taste. These model growing conditions are what allow us to pick and ship their citrus year-round and it is why the majority of the western citrus crop is shipped and sold fresh. Stringent quality controls ensure that the Sunkist citrus you buy is naturally tree-ripened, approved for quality and appearance, and packed for freshness. Sunkist Products The 6,000 growers who cultivate Sunkist citrus make up one of the oldest, best-known agricultural marketing organizations in the world. As a cooperative, Sunkist is owned and governed by its grower-members, who are proud to put the Sunkist logo on their fresh citrus. Sunkist offers the benefits of an extensive worldwide marketing network and transportation system combined with a rich heritage of research and development. It is easy to see why Sunkist has been the preferred brand of citrus for over a century.