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    Old Dominion Brewing Company, the Washington, DC, areas first microbrewery, was established in 1989 with a single clear vision - to make fresh, full-bodied beers of the highest quality. More than 15 years (and hundreds of thousands of barrels of beer) later, our objective remains passionately intact. They are a small, privately-owned company located in Loudoun County, VA, just a few miles from Dulles International Airport. Almost all of our beers are distributed throughout Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia. A limited number of our beers are available in parts of West Virginia, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. Watch for us in Atlanta and North Carolina very soon! In 1998, Gourmet Food and Wine Magazine named Old Dominion one of the 20 best breweries in the country. In 2002, SmartMoney Magazine selected us one the five best breweries in the U.S. In 2004, Old Dominion produced 26,827 barrels of beer. At this level of production, they are about the 44th largest brewery in the country. They brew all of our beers using no preservatives or adjuncts, and our beer is never pasteurized. For this reason, they date-stamp each bottle they produce. The fresher the beer, the better the beer.