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Bubble Gum and Chewing Gum

Bubble Gum and Chewing Gum

From $136.05 per case

Bulk Lollipops

2 Foreign Candy item(s) within Bulk Lollipops

From $24.95 per case

Chew Candies

4 Foreign Candy item(s) within Chew Candies

From $56.55 per case

Chewy Candy

10 Foreign Candy item(s) within Chewy Candy

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Foreign Candy

5 Foreign Candy item(s) within Foreign Candy

From $27.85 per case

Gel and Fruit Candies

7 Foreign Candy item(s) within Gel and Fruit Candies

From $19.55 per case

Gummy Candy

8 Foreign Candy item(s) within Gummy Candy

From $20.95 per case


7 Foreign Candy item(s) within Licorice

From $19.65 per case

Roll Candy

9 Foreign Candy item(s) within Roll Candy

From $90.55 per case

Sour and Sugar Candies

6 Foreign Candy item(s) within Sour and Sugar Candies

From $19.65 per case

It all began back in 1978. Peter DeYager was a high school German teacher. Peter felt it was very important for students to learn more about their language and culture, so he took groups of German students to Europe during the summers. While touring Germany, an idea was born! Why not sell Gummi Bears and other authentic German Candies to German Clubs and German teachers across the United States? This would give foreign language groups a unique opportunity to promote the German culture, create excitement for the study of foreign language and help foreign language groups raise money for their trips. As business flourished, Peter resigned his teaching job in 1980 so he could promote the study of foreign language with imported candies. Today, The Foreign Candy Company assists over 15,000 foreign language educators by providing the finest imported candies from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Mexico.