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Chocolate Covered Nuts

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Chocolove Chocolate Bars

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Chocolove Chocolate Bars

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Organic Chocolate Bars

Organic Chocolate Bars

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Tucked away in Boulder, Colorado sits an unassuming building where a little magic takes place... Every day, decadent chocolate bars are carefully crafted using the timeless combination of chocolate and love. Chocolove chocolate bars are available in ten distinct flavors that range from a sweet, creamy Milk Chocolate with a 33% cocoa content, up to an Extra Strong Dark with an impressively strong yet smooth 77% cocoa content. Tied to chocolates natural counterpart, love, each bar resembles a love letter, complete with a romantic poem. For the past ten years, Chocolove has been quietly developing a loyal consumer following in natural and organic food stores around the country, including Whole Foods and Wild Oats. In 2005, Chocolove began its expansion into gourmet and conventional grocers, such as King Soopers, Gelsons, HEB and Bristol Farms, making this delightful treat more readily available to its ever-growing fan base. Initially, bars were manufactured at a U.S. co-packer, but in late 2003, Timothy completed building his custom-designed chocolate factory in Boulder, CO, and by mid-2004, the factory was in full swing, running as smooth as melted cocoa butter. Today, Chocolove bars are made in small batches and shipped around the country, delivering a little bit of chocolate–love to discerning chocolate lovers everywhere.