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    For more than 35 years, Batchelors has led the way in packaging and product innovation to hold the number-one position in the UK`s instant soups market. The portfolio also includes Supernoodles, Supernoodles to go, Pasta n Sauce, Savoury Rice and Batchelors Mushy Peas. Soupfulls is the latest innovation within the portfolio.  William Batchelor, a former tea salesman, began the company in 1895, selling packets of peas. He soon adopted the breakthrough canning technology, supplying soup and vegetables to busy British homes. In a short space of time, it became one of the most successful canning companies in the UK. And later, under the drive and ambition of William`s daughter, Ella, it became a household name. In 1949 Batchelors began making dried soups, which became Cup-a-Soups in 1972. Today it’s the biggest player in the market, with a 58% share. Today, over 250 million mugs of its famous Cup a Soup are consumed each year in Britain. The brand has expanded to offer not just convenient soups, but also a wide selection of quick and savoury snacks too.