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Rice Crackers

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Grain Crackers

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Sesmark Foods Rice Thins

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Sesmark Savory Thins

Sesmark Savory Thins

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Sesmark Sesame Rice Thins

Sesmark Sesame Rice Thins

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With 18 yummy types of crackers to choose from, Sesmark has a crunch for every craving and a taste for every palate. Baked, not fried, thin and crisp – they are all natural and always delicious. Produced in Americas grain heartland, Sesmark crackers burst with robust flavor in a base of healthy grains, including wheat, rice and corn. Knowledge of the healthy properties of sesame was used to fashion crackers full of flavor. Sesmark crackers were first sold to neighborhood stores and delis. Discerning consumers quickly embraced the brands fresh, authentic taste, sesame based hearty flavors and unique crunch. Since the crackers are so flavorful, they need not hide under dip, spread, or cheese. As a result, Sesmark is perfect for any occasion snacking.