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    Krakus Foods International is the sole importer of Krakus Polish Hams. With a strong presence in the deli category, the company also manufactures selected products in the United States under the Krakus brand name. Centuries of tradition, rooted in Polish heritage, allowed Krakus Hams to become the Worlds Most Honored Ham and Americas #1 Imported Deli Ham. In the late 1920s, Poland suffered under a communist regime with importing and exporting explicitly dictated by the government. At that time, hams were Polands largest source of dollar revenue, and to meet increased demand, a growing number of meat plants began operations. New technologies for manufacturing were soon introduced and the country enjoyed a triple digit growth increase in volume within five years, as exporting began to America. After WWII, Poland was economically devastated by the war and eagerly sought opportunities for ham export. With a superior taste and manufacturing process, ham offered the best and quickest opportunity. At that time, a government sanctioned company, established under the name of Animex, had exclusive import and export rights in Poland. Animex, knowing the pristine value in which Polish ham was regarded, trademarked the Krakus brand name. Krakus ham could only be purchased for hard currency and was essentially considered a luxury item, almost unavailable on the Polish domestic market.