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Fresh Products Deodorant

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Conqueror 103 Air Freshener

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Wall Block Para Urinal Block

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Air Freshener Refills

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Urinal Blocks

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Urinal Screen

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Fresh Products, LLC was started in Toledo, Ohio in 1971. Fresh began as a partnership between three already successful businessmen. After a short time, Fresh had become known as the odor control manufacturer of choice throughout the Midwest region of the United States. The three businessmen, Don Anderson, Jim Findlay and Jim Lower worked very well together and in a short time Fresh had developed a successful working relationship with two key companies. The first, Impact Products, sold janitorial plastic items and Canberra, handled cleaning chemicals. Jim Lower and Jim Findlay had founded these companies earlier. Throughout the 1970s, all three of these companies prospered, and Don Anderson pushed Fresh to new heights by bringing out several important new products. In the early 1980s, Fresh continued to grow and needed more time and expertise than the partners could provide. They recruited Bob Brown, already a very successful entrepreneur, to join the team. Bob bought out Jim Lower and Jim Findlay and was a partner with Don Anderson. Using the experience Bob had in the operational area of manufacturing, they were able to reduce the lead-time from 6 weeks to 2 weeks. This was accomplished, even though the number of products offered had doubled! Fresh Products, LLC began to utilize the latest in packaging technology and undertook 3 physical plant additions that increased the size of the plant more than 400%. This new capacity allowed Fresh to respond to customer requests and began to offer para blocks as well as deodorants, liquids, gels and powders . They also expanded their sales to blanket the country.