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    Vitality Foodservice, Inc., headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is a leading provider of beverage solutions to the foodservice industry worldwide. What sets Vitality apart is their ability to provide foodservice operators with complete beverage programs including innovative dispensing equipment, a wide assortment of beverages, beverage sales experts, and a dedicated service network. For over fifty years, foodservice operators have counted on Vitality to help them serve top quality beverages including juices, teas, coffees, cocktail and smoothie mixes, innovative specialty drinks and much more. Vitality s sales, service, and distribution spans the US, Canada, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. As a global beverage solutions provider, Vitality has developed a broad and diverse base of foodservice customers across many segments including restaurants, lodging, cruise lines, healthcare, military, education, business and industry, and gaming. With thousands of Vitality dispensers in use worldwide, millions of consumers enjoy their products everyday. In fact, over one billion glasses of their beverages are served each year!