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Stapleton Spence Whole Pitted Prunes

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From $124.25 per Case

Stapleton Spence Packing Co Prunes In Syrup

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Frozen Pureed Fruits

Frozen Pureed Fruits

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Stapleton Spence Prunes

Stapleton Spence Prunes

From $64.15 per case

Stapleton-Spence Packing Company has been a family-run business since 1951, bringing their customers quality products and effective distribution at competitive prices.� At this time, they are the largest packer of private label canned prunes in the Foodservice industry. But that is not all they offer. They also offer prune juice, bulk prunes, prune concentrate, raisins, dried fruit, nuts and a number of innovative fruit based industrial products such as fresh plum puree and Plum Good Plum Powder aimed at adding functional and nutritional value to diverse applications in the baking, dairy, beverage and meat industries. They distribute their products from their packing facility in Gridley, CA and their finished goods warehouse in Stockton, CA. They also have forward warehouse distribution in Los Angeles, CA, Chicago, IL, York, PA, Winchester, MA and Miami, FL. Their focus will be to always help their customers be profitable. - Brad Stapleton, CEO Their approach to helping you be profitable is through offering you a wide variety of the finest products at competitive prices with greater than 99% on-time and accurate order fill rates. �They understand the vital role of strategic partnerships and supply chain in todays global business environment. �They not only offer a wide variety of dried fruits and nuts but a partner that you can rely on. Customer Service and Quality Products - that is what they are all about. Their Product Line