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    Authentic Specialty Foods spices up grocery store shelves. Its products include the La Victoria brand of salsas, taco and enchilada sauces and chilies, as well as the Embasa brand canned salsas and chilies. La Victoria was one of the first companies to make jarred Salsa and other Mexican Sauces, dating back to 1917 - almost 100 years! La Victoria is still producing great tasting products, including Salsa, Taco Sauce, Enchilada Sauce, Chiles and Peppers.  We`re still using the same recipes and the same `fresh ingredient` approach we pioneered a century ago. We focus on one thing, making Authentic Mexican food. When you do one thing for that long, you get really good at it. Embasa® products allow both experienced and beginner Mexican cooking enthusiasts to create authentic, mouth-watering dishes that maintain the traditional aromas and flavors. Authentic Mexican cooking has a rich heritage of fresh ingredients prepared for and enjoyed by the whole family. Maintaining that tradition can be an important part of family life. Without the right ingredients, capturing an authentic Mexican flavor can be hard to do.