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Baking Accessories

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Baking Pans and Roast Pans

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Cake Pans and Molds

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Food Scoops

Food Scoops

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Grill Cleaning Supplies

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Kitchen Slicers

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Kitchen Utensils

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

Measuring Cups and Spoons

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Skimmers and Strainers

Skimmers and Strainers

From $51.45 each

Lincoln traces its origins to The United States Aluminum Company (U.S.A.C.), which was incorporated in 1901 to manufacture aluminum cooking utensils. U.S.A.C. formed The Aluminum Cooking Utensil Company (TACU) as its marketing subsidiary, and in 1904 adopted the Wear-Ever® trademark and exhibited hotelware and household utensils at the St. Louis Worlds Fair. In 1912, TACU sold a complete line of aluminum cooking utensils to the McAlphin Hotel in New York, then the largest in the world, and that same year, Wear-Ever® aluminum cooking utensils were adopted by the United States Marine Corps as standard issue. By 1925, Wear-Ever® Aluminum, Inc. had been formed and TACU had become the manufacturer of Wear-Ever® products. Both companies subsequently became part of Alcoa and, by 1955, Wear-Ever® Aluminum, Inc. had entered the commercial food-warming business with the introduction of the first super-heated food steamer. In 1957, Lincoln Manufacturing, Inc. was incorporated to fabricate stainless-steel equipment for the foodservice industry. In 1971, Lincoln entered into a joint ownership arrangement with Aluminum Company of America (Alcoa), to manufacture aluminum foodservice supplies. In 1976, Alcoa purchased the remaining shares of the Companys outstanding stock and Lincoln became a wholly owned subsidiary of Alcoa until the October 1982 purchase by and merger with Wesray Manufacturing, Inc. In June 1986, Lincoln became a public company, Lincoln Foodservice Products, Inc. and in August of 1994, Lincoln was acquired by the Welbilt Corporation. In 1995, Berisford acquired the Welbilt Corporation, including Lincoln. Berisford, a conglomerate of businesses based in the United Kingdom, changed its name to Enodis in the fall of 2000. Lincoln manufacturers and markets under the Wear-Ever® name over 300 commercial and institutional foodservice products such as pots, pans, bakeware, trays and other kitchen utensils. The Company markets Centurion®, a line of stainless-steel cookware with aluminum-clad bottoms that is imported from Italy. The most recent addition to this line came with the addition of utensils and Induction-ReadyT items in 1996. Marketed under the name Redco®, the Company manufactures a line of kitchen implements, including food slicers, cutters, and wedgers. Since the company purchased the Redco® line in 1987, several new products have been added to the line.