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    Not only are they the makers of fine Italian foods, they are artists. And like most artists, Gia Russia is obsessed. Obsessed with beauty, balance, and perfection. And passionate about sharing their vision. Through the years, they have brought consistently fresh, flavorful and healthy Italian specialties to the marketplace. Using only a few, select ingredients that are pure and free of additives or preservatives. And ardently upholding time-honored Italian traditions. Because less is more, their pasta sauces are always prepared in small batches. They choose the best plum tomatoes from Italy. Add just the right amount of fresh basil, garlic and onion. Then they sample, repeatedly, to make sure everything is in perfect balance. No pasta, puree, sugars, additives or preservatives are ever used. You see, they create sauces that are true to nature. And true to Italys traditional pasta sauce making methods. Gia Russa is proud to present their beautiful brand of wonderfully tasting Italian specialties to all who care about quality, healthfulness and freshness. It is a collection that has been inspired by the spirit of Italy and natures simple abundance. It is a rare collection, indeed.