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Gourmet Wafer Cookies

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Bauducco Wafers

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Frozen Yellow Hamburger Buns

Frozen Yellow Hamburger Buns

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Fruits and Nuts Cakes

Fruits and Nuts Cakes

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Bauducco is one of the main food companies in Brail and recognized internationally. It has been in the country since 1950 and is a pioneer in the market for panettones, Easter cakes, toasts, Champagne cookies, wafers and filled bars. Today, Bauducco is the biggest producer of oven-baked products in Brazil, with capacity to produce more than 200,000 tons annually. It is also the biggest producer of panettones. The recipe has always been the same: take the best ingredients, leave the dough to rise with natural fermentation and dedicate 52 hours to producing each panettone. It is this care that helps Bauducco sell 40 million a year. Its industrial center is one of the most advanced in Latin America, with 15 wafer biscuit production lines and one of the biggest toast lines in the world.