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Baked Goods

72 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Baked Goods

From $17.05 per Case


2 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Cereals

From $112.75 each


5 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Condiments

From $32.15 per case


3 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Desserts

From $20.55 per case


3 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Entrees

From $24.05 per case

Food Products, Miscellaneous

57 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Food Products, Miscellaneous

From $25.85 per case

Kitchen Equipment

3 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Kitchen Equipment

From $19.45 per case

Mixes, Batters and Breading

28 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Mixes, Batters and Breading

From $24.35 per case

Pasta Sauce

Pasta Sauce

From $41.55 per case

Portion Pack

Portion Pack

From $29.45 per Case

Salad Dressings

31 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Salad Dressings

From $24.95 per Case

Sauces and Bases

Sauces and Bases

From $56.75 per case

Snack Foods

8 Burry Foodservice item(s) within Snack Foods

From $21.15 per Case

The Burry® brand was established in 1936 and remains a nationally recognized quality brand 70 years later! Burry® Foodservice is a Customer Driven Supplier with a variety of products from Authentic New York Style Boiled Bagels to Crackers, Croutons, Pie and Dessert Shells. All the Burry® products were developed especially for the Foodservice, C-Store and Vending Markets so they can offer the varieties and pack counts that work for your establishment. Burry® Foodservice offers many portion control Individually Wrapped products: check out their unique Burry® To Go Bagels with Cream Cheese packet or Chef Burry® Pizza Bagels, as well as, portion pack Saltines, Oyster Crackers and Croutons. Burry® Foodservice has partnered with Dot Foods to offer national distribution. With over 48 years in redistribution, Dot has the product know-how and met their high standards of customer service. They also offer direct pickup from their manufacturing facilities for the convenience of their large customers. They are fully committed to delivering quality products and exceptional customer service. At Burry® Foodservice, same day response is guaranteed.