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    They are part of Premier Foods, the UKs largest food producer, with a turnover of £2.25 billion and employing around 18,000 people in the UK across over 70 sites. The company is dedicated to manufacturing and supplying high quality, great tasting food products which their consumers know, love and keep coming back for. Their portfolio boasts an unrivalled array of great brands, many of which are market leaders and household favourites. Their brand range includes soup, cakes, baking products, spreads and preserves, desserts, cooking sauces, stocks, gravies, condiments, table sauces, stuffings and Asian ingredients and accompaniments. Their brands are known and loved by consumers in the UK and Ireland. In Ireland they also have a number of unique and iconic Irish brands including Erin soups; Gateaux cakes and Chivers preserves. They supply all major retailers, convenience store chains and wholesalers. They also have a very strong presence in the Foodservice sector providing a wide variety of products to meet the needs of this industry. In addition to their own brands, in Ireland, they are also the distributor for a number of leading grocery brands including Ocean Spray, Capri-Sun, Popz, Lyles and Percol. These brands benefit from the scale of Premier Foods in Ireland, harnessing their Sales, Marketing and Distribution network to achieve strong growth and share in the Irish market.