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  • "I am so happy with my order. Having a gluten allergy but can tolerate spelt, I tried regular spelt but found it not suitable for cakes or cookies. Now I can make my regular recipes with the white spelt flour and no one knows the difference. I will order agian when I run out.
  • D.J. (Alvaton KY)
  • "I have received the second half of my order and I see that it was a "special order" item. I've ordered from you in the past, and I continue to be happy with your service and your products. I am so happy to find items that are impossible to locate locally. Thanks, and keep up the good work!
  • D.T. (Indianapolis IN)

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Dishwashing Soap

Do not put up with dirty dishes. If you often find that your dishes are not 100% clean after the first wash, then get them clean the first time by using high-quality dishwashing liquids and detergents. Whether you are washing dishes by hand or using a dishwasher, you need something that is going to offer an excellent clean. Choose from an assortment of trusted brands that will bring cleaning power to your sink or dishwasher load of dishes. Depending on your needs and dishwashing equipment, our selection includes dishwashing liquid, gel, powder, cream and tabs. Great for not only plates and glasses, but also for heavy duty washing of pots and pans. Get a superior clean every time.