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Carlisle Wet Mop Handles

A wide selection of handle styles and mop head weights. our 40343 Jaws style mop handle attaches and detaches quickly to banded mops with a twist of the wrist. 40342 is an all fiberglass and plastic construction handle; eliminating rust and reducing contamination. our traditional wood and metal clamp style of handles (40340) are constructed of heavy duty materials for extended use with banded style mops. use 40321 and 40322 mops for general mopping and finishing; strands are secured with a plated steel assembly that traps the yarns between a strong T-bar and bail so they cannot pull free; a threaded metal stud protrudes from the top of the mop for handl. 40323 and 40324 have good absorbency for damp-mopping applications; combines economy with 8-ply strength. 40327 and 40328 use a janitorial grade of cotton spun into 16-plied yarn for extra strength and durability. 40330 and 40331 use top of the line 4-ply consistent blend of 50% cleaned cotton, 50% rayon/synthetic mix, with continuous looped strands that resist raveling and lint-off; launderable.