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  • "I was greatly impressed with your method of packaging. I've had bad experiences in the past, two broken jars, etc, so you can imagine how delighted I was to see what a great job you do. I my opinion, Classico's Spicy Tomato & Pesto sauce is the best sauce they produce, you've become my sole source of this product.
  • D.R. (Orange CA)
  • "This is my third order of these little gems!! I love them; I am on Weight Watchers and one package is only 3 points!! I can't find them anywhere in our area; they used to carry them at our local supermarket, Big Y, but no longer. The way these are packaged is amazing! I don't get home from work until 5:00 in the evening and when I opened that box, they were still frozen...after sitting on my front porch! Worth every penny of that shipping charge! That's why I keep coming back for more!! I will go to the site and leave my comments with pleasure! Thanks for satisfying my guilty pleasure!
  • M.N. (Southampton MA)

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Jet-Plastica Unwrapped Stirrers and Straws

Jet-Plastica Unwrapped Sipper Stirrer, Unwrapped Straw, Jumbo Wrapped Straw, Slim Bar-Stirrer Straws -- Our products offering is extremely comprehensive and includes a myriad of combinations of cutlery, straw, Sipper Stirrer, napkin, Unwrapped Straw, moist towlette, salt, pepper, dry creamer and sugar to meet the needs of most consumers.