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  • "This is without a doubt the best marinade for chicken wings I've ever used. Thank you for carrying it and this thanks comes from all the people that I distributed the sauce to who couldn't believe how good my barbaqued chicken wings were! It's not the chef but the sauce! Your service was great.
  • M.L. (Braintree MA)
  • "I would just like to thank you all for the quick service, correct product arrived, good price, all in one piece. I sure wish they would sell this on long island again, try marinating skirt steak in it and putting it on the grill, absolutely to die for.
  • B.B. (Smithtown NY)

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Mousse Mix

To avoid a sedentary routine, we naturally like to mix things up. We change our hairstyles, and we change jobs. But, perhaps the most frequent change to be made is our food. Now imagine a life of the exact same dinner and lunch and breakfast... day in and day out. That would likely last three days at most. That is why we offer items that are not an everyday staple, but rather a treat to be savored on the right occasion. In fact, you might even be willing to create a special occasion once you get a hold of our mousse. The savory and airy concoction is one you will not want to miss. Usually considered in chocolate form, we offer 13 varieties of mousse mix to tempt you.