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  • "The product has arrived and love it. Can't seem to find it in any of the stores...I don't know why it's off the shelves. But I love this tea mixed with the green tea. Makes a good cold drink....Will be buying from you again, when my supply runs out. Thanks Again.
  • A.P. (Augusta NJ)
  • "I received my order from Food Services promptly and am very satisfied with Knorr’s Saurbraten mix. I have had it before, but, the grocery where I bought it, discontinued carrying it. They do carry other Knorr products but not this one. Sooooo, I was very happy to find your website and that you had the product I wanted. The product is excellent and ALMOST as good as the old recipe that my great aunt passed on to me. EXCEPT, I don’t have to marinate the beef for 2-3 days!!! Thanks for carrying a great product.
  • M.L. (Wells ME)

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When eating, it is easy to make a mess. That is why napkins are an indispensable addition to any meal that you are serving. From cloth to paper to simple lunch or fancy dinner, check out our stock of napkins that not only complement any dining occasion, but also spruce up and bring color to a table. So, whether you want the convenience of disposable paper napkins for your next party or gathering or the durability and elegance of cloth napkins, there is plenty to select from that can match your needs and not to mention your dining table.