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Paper Dinner Napkins

Be it any restaurant, cruise ship or foodservice event, Napkins have become an integral part of the setting for any dining occasion. Dinner napkins add a touch of beauty and elegance to any gathering. You can either choose disposable Paper Napkins like Cascades Dinner Napkin, Marcal Paper Dinner Napkin, Georgia Pacific Dinner Napkins, and Georgia Pacific White Paper Dinner Napkins or opt for durability and elegance of White Linen-Like Select Pack Napkins. White Linen like Paper Napkins is made from a dense paper material that has a texture similar to cloth linen, but offers the convenience of a disposable paper product which simulates the look of real cloth linen. Our renowned vendors like Hoffmaster, Cascades, Converting Inc et al offer hundreds of varieties to create different moods and themes for all your parties. So order your Napkins today!