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  • "I was greatly satisfied with the service from your company. The new Yuban label does not specifically identify the Yuban Instant coffee as Columbian grown, which was a concern of the person I ordered a case for, as a birthday present. After contacting your customer service dept. and giving them the "bar code" they assured me it was indeed Columbian. Thank you again.
  • D.M. (Powell WY)
  • "I was very pleased to receive my order so quickly. I have a recipe that specifically uses Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Seasoning and cannot find it in any grocery stores in my area, so I was happy that it is still being made and available at such a good price from foodservicedirect.com. At least 7 of my friends make this same recipe, so I was able to provide them with this salt. Thank you again. I plan on visiting your site often!
  • S.S. (Chicago IL)

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Nutmeg Spice originating from the East Indies has a relatively high volatile oil content and a distinctively rich flavor and aroma. Commonly used in sweet foods and enhances savory foods. You do not have to wait until Christmas to break out the nutmeg. You do not have to wait until Christmas to break out the nutmeg. It can be added to all sorts of dishes all year round, although you can`t necessarily say the same about eggnog. Nutmeg is a great warm and sweet spice that can be used for a number of cooking and baking recipes. Sprinkle in cake mixes, savory sauces, or to top off hot chocolates and cappuccinos. In this selection you will find nutmeg perfectly ground so you do not have to bring out the grater to tackle its incredibly small size. Your knuckles will be saved!