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  • "This is my third order of these little gems!! I love them; I am on Weight Watchers and one package is only 3 points!! I can't find them anywhere in our area; they used to carry them at our local supermarket, Big Y, but no longer. The way these are packaged is amazing! I don't get home from work until 5:00 in the evening and when I opened that box, they were still frozen...after sitting on my front porch! Worth every penny of that shipping charge! That's why I keep coming back for more!! I will go to the site and leave my comments with pleasure! Thanks for satisfying my guilty pleasure!
  • M.N. (Southampton MA)
  • "Thank you for your note. I am more than pleased with my order; Boyajian Basil Oil is clearly superior in flavor than any other basil infused olive oil I have ever tried. As for the service, I received the package promptly and found that it was well packed in a box that was appropriate for its size. This was the second time I ordered and you'll be receiving orders in the future.
  • D.W. (Wheaton IL)

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Tomato Juice

Tomato juice has kind of a bad rep with some people whose palates are supposedly more discerning than others. Yet this tart beverage has an untold number of uses that are objectively quite enjoyable and beneficial. In terms of your health, tomato juice contains the antioxidant lycopene, which is ideal for maintaining heart health, as well as a factor that prevents blood clots from forming. In addition to being a great addition to bloody Marys, bloody Caesars, and Calgary Red-eyes, tomato juice has a practical application in getting rid of tough grease stains and foul odors. If you`re seeking the best tomato juice on the web, then Food Service Direct is surely your best bet!