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  • "I have been very please with the service from your company. Not only is it easy to place and order, but your communication during the fulfillment process is quite good. The biggest plus is, of course, the selection and availability of items which we use in quantity.
  • P.M. (South Park PA)
  • "I am EXTREMELY pleased with Foodservice Direct. I cannot believe how the item was received in my home. It could not have been packed any better if it was a delivery of plutonium! The care you take in ensuring items get delivered safely was phenomenal. The item was exactly what I was looking for and met all of my expectations. If I am ever looking for that hard-to-find item I work with being in the food service industry, I will make Foodservice my FIRST stop.
  • C.T. (Plantsville CT)

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Carryout Beverage Trays

Collapsible. Reliable. Affordable. Incredible. Each of these words describes the beverage trays and carry out cartons that are availableā€¦on our website! We have a number of durable paper-molded carry out trays and cartons for all sorts of different applications. Serving up some drinks? We`ve got all sorts of drink carriers for you! Baking your favorite cake? Pop it into one of our convenient cake trays! Our beverage trays and carry out cartons are inexpensive, convenient, and 100% recyclable and biodegradable; you`ll be doing a huge favor for your pocketbook, your customers, AND Mother Earth! Pick up some quality carriers today!