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  • "I have loved Girards Original French Salad Dressing since I was a kid growing up in California. While our local Safeway sometimes has the Italian dressing, they have never gotten the French in, even when we requested it. I was delighted to find a source for this old favorite. My order got here quickly after I placed it, and in great shape. Thank you!!!
  • S.L. (Reston VA)
  • "There wasn’t a picture so I called to make sure I was ordering correctly and the person I spoke to was very nice. The placemats were exactly what we needed.
  • J.B. (Fort Collins CO)

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Lacilebeau Dieters Tea

Sticking to a diet is difficult for anyone. It`s unbelievably hard to pick and choose the foods that are conducive to living a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important aspects of dieting is staying properly hydrated, but so many popular beverages out there are loaded with carbs, fats, high fructose corn syrup, and all other sorts of unsavory chemicals. When you need the perfect diet drink, turn to Food Service Direct and its selection of Lacilebeau dieters teas! These delicious drinks have none of the dietary no-nos that contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle, yet they are still tasty enough to be wholly satisfying.