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  • "Thank you for carrying this product! Prompt shipping is much appreciated too.
  • M.P. (Cincinnati OH)
  • "I'm totally satisfied with the quality of your service. The sauce got here in timely fashion and intact; and I am enjoying it very much. It is my favorite sauce and the supermarket which used to carry it around here no longer does; so as long as the company keeps making it and you deliver it, I'll be ordering it from you guys. Mind you, it takes a while for me to get through 12 jars of sauce. Thank you very much for your service.
  • K.C. (Clemson SC)

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Canola Oil

Canola oil is a popular cooking oil and is indisputably healthier than many other oils, but did you also know that it can help you lose weight? Indeed, canola oil is a principal element of the Shangri-La diet, which centers around appetite suppression. You should do your body a favor and stock up on our fine selection of canola oil! Whether you`re doing pan cooking or deep-frying, we have the canola oil designed to fit your needs. At the prices we`re offering, how could you afford not to start using canola oil, for both your health and enjoyment?