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  • "Yes, I was very pleased with my order. My son loves these hot pockets, but unfortunately you cannot find them in the grocery stores around us. He gets them in school for lunch, but only once in while. Nestle informed me that they do not ship to residential customers, so I was happy to see that I could order them from you. Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.
  • C.H. (milford PA)
  • "I very much enjoyed the product and your service.
  • K.D. (Queenstown MD)

Products in Hominy

  • Mexican Style Hominy

    Mexican Style Hominy Product Id: NF1554088 Ships in 3 days Juanitas
    from $28.45 case of 12

  • White Hominy

    White Hominy Product Id: NF253120 Ships in 3 days La Preferida
    from $36.35 case of 12



Juanitas style of Hominy is the most popular style in Mexico. Hominy is made from the pre-Hispanic Aztec staple, corn. The corn is dried and then boiled and soaked in lime until it is moist and plump. The lime allows the corn to keep a firmer texture rather than turning mushy. It is then washed thoroughly to remove the hull and any trace of lime. The cleaned, boiled and washed corn is known as nixtamal, or Mexican-style hominy. Juanitas hominy is made from the finest corn available that is never bleached or prepared with lye.