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  • "I have received my order and am quite pleased about it. I can no longer find this item locally and was concerned that it was no longer being made. I am glad you still carry it and Lea and Perrins is still making it.
  • J. R. (Olympia WA)
  • "Yes, I was very pleased with my order. My son loves these hot pockets, but unfortunately you cannot find them in the grocery stores around us. He gets them in school for lunch, but only once in while. Nestle informed me that they do not ship to residential customers, so I was happy to see that I could order them from you. Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.
  • C.H. (milford PA)

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Hot Sauce

Some people just love their food to be as hot and spicy as possible! For those people`s benefit, Food Service Direct has looked all over the globe to bring you only the hottest of hot sauce! Try them all, if you can handle them! These sauces come in a number of different flavors and range in spiciness from mildly hot to sinus-searing inferno! In addition to basic hot sauces that can be added to any dish, we also offer a number of gourmet wing sauces for your next Buffalo wing throwdown. See if you`re up to the challenge of the hottest sauces on the internet!