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  • "I was satisfied with both the speed and care in delivery and the price. I will be looking for other items from your company in the future. Thanks.
  • T.R. (Raleigh NC)
  • "Yes, I was very pleased with my order. My son loves these hot pockets, but unfortunately you cannot find them in the grocery stores around us. He gets them in school for lunch, but only once in while. Nestle informed me that they do not ship to residential customers, so I was happy to see that I could order them from you. Thanks again and I look forward to doing more business with your company in the future.
  • C.H. (milford PA)

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Half Size Napkin Dispensers

The rage of having overly large, full size products in life is passing. In this day and age, our society is concerned with resource conservation and utilitarian application of products. With this in mind, where is the sense in providing massive full size napkins for your patrons? We all know that half size napkins are just as effective yet much more resource efficient! For those globally conscious restaurateurs out there, we offer quality half size napkin dispensers at an affordable price to help you realize your sustainability-conscious dream! Help the earth, one napkin at a time, with our half size napkin dispensers.