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  • "Considering I almost totally shy away from on-line business, it took quite a leap of faith for me to order something I been looking for quite a while. So far, suffice it to say I am a satisfied customer! Once that case is consumed, I'll be contacting your firm to order more of the same. I am far to biased to render an objective opinion for you, Old Dutch has been my favorite dressing for too many years to recall how long!
  • A.K. (Henrietta TX)
  • "Thanks for carrying the brown gravy sauce. It doesn't have the flavor of the old LaChoy that is no longer made and the last brand that was sold in our area years ago but it will do in my homemade chop suey. My daughter and I split the case. I was pleased with my shopping experience with Foodservicedirect.
  • G.M. (Madison GA)

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What would Thanksgiving be without stuffing? What would Rhubarb be without pie crust? And what would tomato paste be used for if it was not for pizza dough? Face it: Some of our most basic culinary delights just would not be the same if it we did not have the proper ingredients. When the right ones are combined, the clouds align, we find purpose in our lives, and edible dreams are fulfilled. With our array of stuffing mixes, matzo ball batters, pizza kits, and delicious pie crusts, you need not worry where your next meal or delectable dessert is coming from. We have you covered.