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Labrea Bakery Par-Baked Dinner Rolls

La Brea Bakery offers a variety of dinner rolls with a crisp crust and soft interior that complement any meal. From a simple salad to a roast chicken, these satisfying rolls pair well with whatever is on your plate. Without changing any of La Brea Bakery’s original recipes or authentic way of making our bread, we modified our baking and cooling techniques in order to preserve the integrity of each loaf that would be shipped across the country: breads are baked 80% of the way, cooled and then flash frozen. Upon arriving at its final destination, this bread can be kept frozen until it is ready to be finished baking and then sold by retailers or served in restaurants. A final store or restaurant bake of 10-20 minutes caramelizes the sugars present in the crust and reconstitutes the open, porous interior of each loaf, oval, round, roll, baguette and batard. The end result is a golden, crisp, chewy crust and a perfectly soft, moist interior. Full of rich flavor and texture. With only minimal handling and no special equipment required, these authentic La Brea Bakery loaves provide an instant artisan solution for operators and consumers everywhere. Bread fresh from La Brea Bakery…wherever you are.