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  • "I appreciated the prompt delivery plus the availability and price of your product. My children are allergic to food dye and since most marshmallows include blue dye, your product was perfect and allows my small children to experience toasting marshmallows while camping so thank you for making our spring camping so much fun. Since we love them and we already went through 1 bag, I am sure that we will be ordering through you again before the summer is over. :)!
  • L.H. (Greenwich NY)
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  • C.T. (Plantsville CT)

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Pourer Cleaning Systems

Any bartender knows how quickly a drink pourer can get dirty and gummed up with repeated use, yet they are too small and tedious to be washed efficiently by hand and cannot be put in a dishwasher for fear of losing or damaging them. Fortunately, Food Service Direct is here to help you with this problem, with our selection of pourer cleaning systems! You simply insert the pourers into the top of the cleaner, add a little bit of water, and the high-pressure pumps blast water through and around the pourers, giving you a sparkling clean product!