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  • "Thanks for following up, The FoodserviceDirect Customer Care Team! I've been very satisfied with my order.
  • T.M. (Brooklyn NY)
  • "Considering I almost totally shy away from on-line business, it took quite a leap of faith for me to order something I been looking for quite a while. So far, suffice it to say I am a satisfied customer! Once that case is consumed, I'll be contacting your firm to order more of the same. I am far to biased to render an objective opinion for you, Old Dutch has been my favorite dressing for too many years to recall how long!
  • A.K. (Henrietta TX)

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Metallics Padded Casebound Covers

Our new metallic material has a radiant appearance and a distinctive "brushed" or "iridescent" finish. These padded casemade covers feature a black silk moire lining. Truly stylish and handcrafted with the superior standards you expect from Risch.