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  • "I have loved Girards Original French Salad Dressing since I was a kid growing up in California. While our local Safeway sometimes has the Italian dressing, they have never gotten the French in, even when we requested it. I was delighted to find a source for this old favorite. My order got here quickly after I placed it, and in great shape. Thank you!!!
  • S.L. (Reston VA)
  • "I love the puffs in the small packages. I can't understand why in Denver Colorado that the King Soopers don't have the puffs...Thank you for having them and let people to buy them
  • P.B. (Denver CO)

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Food Scales

Although food is not worth the weight of gold, is is important to accurately weigh ingredients, for sometimes guessing just does not work when you need to deliver a perfect meal. Depending on your cooking needs, we have bakers, digital, portion control, and receiving scales. These days, food scales can do more than simply weigh food, they can also give estimates on the amount of calories fat intake, and track nutritional value, as do some of the digital scales that we in stock. So if you are watching your weight or on a diet, get a food scale that can take the guesswork out of eating.