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Nova V Reach Ins Standard Pass Thru Refrigerators

Exterior finish: Exterior front, sides and doors are stainless steel. The exterior top and bottom are galvanized steel. All exterior joints and seams fold in without lap joints. No exposed raw edges. Interior finish: Interior liner and interior door panel are smooth aluminum. Insulation: The complete cabinet and door(s) are foamed-in-place with polyurethane foam insulation. Hardware: Heavy duty, pivot hinges; centered key locks; full length, stainless steel pull handles; self adjusting magnetic gaskets; 4" dia. casters (four casters on 1 and 2 door models with 2 locking and six 6" legs standard on 3 door model). 3 epoxy coated shelves per door - standard. Electrical: All models are standard with complete perimeter, anti-condensate door opening heater wires and an interior incandescent light activated by switches for each door. Instrumentation: Digital LED thermometer reading tenths of a degree F. Refrigeration: Complete top mounted refrigeration system. A copper tube, aluminum fin evaporator coated with a special acrylic to prevent deterioration from acidic foods. The condensate is collected and automatically evaporated from a hot gas evaporator pan increasing the efficiency of the system. Refrigerant flow is controlled by a thermostatic expansion valve increasing the ability of the refrigerator to meet varying load conditions. Operating temperature: 38 degree F.