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  • "I have been looking for the Fabulous marinade for about two years now, the local retailers quit carrying it and would not order it when I requested! I was very pleased with my order! Thank you do much!
  • C.H. (Silver City NM)
  • "I was very pleased to receive my order so quickly. I have a recipe that specifically uses Jane's Crazy Mixed Up Seasoning and cannot find it in any grocery stores in my area, so I was happy that it is still being made and available at such a good price from At least 7 of my friends make this same recipe, so I was able to provide them with this salt. Thank you again. I plan on visiting your site often!
  • S.S. (Chicago IL)

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Tartlet Molds

How could one possibly improve upon the delicious decadence that is a pie? How about a handheld pie? BRILLIANT! With Food Service Direct, you can take your best pie recipe and transfer it into an equally delicious single-serving portable variety with our selection of tartlet molds! Available in Teflon-coated steel and silicone varieties and as single serving or tray molds, youll find precisely what you need to create those tempting little mini-pies that drive everyone wild! No need to mess around with knives and pie servers, just make a one-person pie, with our tartlet molds!