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  • "Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of my favorite mustard! It is always a pleasure to have business with a fine company such as yours.
  • S.B. (Rayle GA)
  • "My order was received VERY quickly. Unfortunately the napkin dispenser was totally crushed (it looked like a truck had run over it!) but the outside packing boxes were totally intact and undamaged. When I called your facility to report this, I was told that another dispenser would be shipped. The replacement dispenser arrived very quickly and was perfect. I really appreciate your speedy delivery and fantastic response regarding the replacement.
  • R.F. (Raleigh NC)

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Shortening Monitors

Anyone who runs a restaurant or any other eating establishment is fully cognizant of the dangers of using bad oil in your deep fryer. If the concentration of free fatty acids (FFAs) becomes too high, your fried foods become dark and shriveled, totally unattractive and unappetizing to your patrons. To help keep your fried goods their freshest, Food Service Direct offers a number of reliable and accurate shortening monitors. These monitors tell you the concentration of FFAs in your fry grease, so that you can be sure that your fried foods are as delicious as possible!